Yosemite National Park Vacation Tips

A great place to go camping is Yosemite National Park in California. Yosemite was set aside for conservation in 1890 because even then we could see that the mountainous horizons, groves of Sequoias and spilling waterfalls were spectacular.

The park is open to visitors year round 24 hours a day. However certain sections of the park are closed in the late fall through late spring because of prodigious amounts of snow combined with the mountain roads, this includes the Mariposa Grove of Sequoia trees.

Yosemite offers lots of camping with 13 campgrounds but the National Park is very popular so you should probably try to make a reservation at one of the seven campgrounds that accept them up to five months in advance. There are also five High Sierra type grounds with preset up tents and cots, running hot water, restrooms, blankets and pillows, an excellent way for the Yosemite visitor to enjoy camping without having to lug in their own tent and gear. There is also a lodge, The Ahwahnee, where visitors can get a room with a hefty price tag.

Yosemite offers plenty of hiking and picnic areas. Some of the more popular sights are Glacier point, the Mariposa Grove and the waterfalls that spill into Yosemite Valley. The park also has a Nature Center, a museum of the cultural history of Yosemite, plenty of visitor’s centers and a few Wilderness Information Centers.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Yosemite national park, but it can be dry and temperatures can get into the 90’s. Spring is milder, but the weather is known to shift from clear sky to stormy in a few hours, this is the same with fall. Winter is cold. You can experience the full range of the seasons at Yosemite so be sure to pack an equal range of clothing when you take of Yosemite vacation.