Yarra Valley Wine Tour – Ways to Enjoy Victoria’s Winemaking Region

Yarra Valley wine tour and festivals have become a chief attraction in Victoria for its locals and visitors. Most wineries are always ready for visitors who come to tour, taste and buy. The major ones often have impressive facilities and entertainment like restaurants, galleries, concerts and events – all in addition to the wineries and cellars themselves. The smaller wineries may be far more humble, but their main attraction is usually the exciting and educational opportunity to taste with the owners themselves. Another reason for this Victorian valley’s popularity is its proximity to the capital; it’s just about an hour’s drive from the heart of Melbourne.

You can have different styles of taking the trip to the wineries. Depending on your mood or preference, travel groups and various organizations recognized by the state tourism can provide you with the ideal type of tour, including transportation, itinerary and a highly-qualified guide.

One fun way of going on a Yarra Valley wine tour is by taking the Wine Bus, where you’ll join all other tourists – from the wine lovers to the simply curious. You can expect to visit four wineries with a different private wine-tasting session in each venue. These would include the famed Domaine Chandon, which was established by the French champagne house Moet & Chandon in 1986. You will get to taste its methode traditionnelle sparkling wine and know the story behind its premium cool-climate still wines.

The valley is known for the distinctive quality of its still wines, which is attributed to the region’s combination of cool climate and mountainous and hilly terrain. Wine lovers all over the world herald the elegant structure and vibrance of the district’s still wines.

Another chance for you to sample these infamous still wines is through the daily public tours offered by travel organizations. Day tours usually kick off at 9am and most would give you the freedom to choose which wineries you’d like to visit. Aside from the wine tastings, you’ll also enjoy a winery lunch, including a glass of wine to go with your meal, of course.

In some trips, upon your request, the tour host could add cheese tastings or side trips to produce stores, gift shops and art galleries for an additional fee. You’d also easily find tour organizers that offer private group trips that oftentimes have the same inclusions as the public tours. Some groups could also include a visit to the Yarra Valley Dairy or the Healesville Sanctuary. Others could even add cooking classes, sky diving and other activities to make your trip much more exciting.

Indeed, the possibilities in a Yarra Valley Wine Tour seem to be endless. And with the engaging scenery and relaxing atmosphere of the region, who could resist taking the trip? You simply select what you want to do and just let the tour operators take you to this winemaking destination.