Vote Yourself Off Someday Island

Yes Someday! I will do that Someday! I hear the word “Someday” all of the time. Someday I am going to lose weight (I use to say that every New Year). Someday I am going to start my business. Someday I am going to quit my job, travel the world, quit smoking, write that book, sing on stage… live my dreams. I know “Someday” I used to live on Someday Island.

I was going to someday play professional football. I was a talented 5’10” 246 pound fullback who ran a 4.56 40 yard dash. In 1995 that was freaking amazing. I could block, catch, and run. Triple threat running back. Maybe you heard of me? Don’t bother looking I never played after high school. But someday I was going to be a pro ball player. Sadly, I was living on Someday Island.

Are you living there now? It’s said that the road to someday leads to the town of no where. You do end up somewhere just not where you wanted. Someday never shows up. If your goals are always around the corner you will never reach your destination. Don ‘t get stuck on Someday Island.

The Island Of Excuses

Someday Island also has a nickname and it’s called the Island of Excuses. The road to average is paved with intentions. 95% of the people with intentions get infected with a disease called “Excusitis”. There marriage is bad, their parents didn’t love them, they went to the wrong school, they were too fat, too tall, too skinny, to short, or to _____ fill in the blank.

Losers make excuses winners make progress. The island is not deserted. You have friends, family, and coworkers there. Most of the time you share your excuses. It feels good and misery loves company. There are plenty of ways off the island but you never venture towards the loading docks.

If you want more sales in your business, a bigger list, stronger team, and more cash flow you have to vote yourself off Someday Island. Make your way to the loading docks and board that canoe, boat, raft, ship, plane, or helicopter. Don’t tell anyone. They will throw you a stay on the island party or try to destroy your transportation.

Here are 4 things to do now to Vote Yourself off Someday Island

1.Develop Self Discipline – I just finished the book, No More Excuses, by Brian Tracy. He gave 21 steps to develop self-discipline in your business and personal life. Unless you have a rich relative or just won the lotto there is no ship coming to save you financially. The only way to escape the island of average is with work, persistence, diligence, and daily consistent action. Average people hate those words.

Self discipline is the key to success. You know it but can you do it everyday. Self discipline is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not. It’s the willingness to practice the fundamentals of your business everyday. You don’t get bored with the fundamentals.

Athletes train for years to get to the Olympics or to make it to the pros. Doctors and lawyers continue to go to school and must practice their profession. Entertainers put in the hours rehearsing. You need the same discipline in your business.

2. The Path of Least Resistance – People fail in their home business because they always take the path of least resistance. It takes time to learn a marketing strategy. It takes patience to test your capture pages, funnels, and follow-up systems. Sorry there are no push button success systems that promises you wealth without the work. The path of least resistance lures you in but it will always lead to failure.

Yes, you can buy traffic and leads all day long. But can you convert? Are you willing to learn a marketing technique and have it make your business profitable. People look for the easiest path instead of learning SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, or direct mail. Pick 1-3 marketing techniques and master them.

3. The Expediency Factor – The sister of the path of least resistance is the expediency factor. People seek the fastest and the easiest way to get the things they want, now, with little or no concern about the future consequences of their behavior. Never mind the natural laws of sowing and reaping.

Average people do what is most expedient and the most fun. Not what is necessary. This is why you see people jump ship, switch teams, or switch companies because they don’t have the self-discipline to build their business.

4. Time to get Off Someday Island – Self Mastery is the key to get off and stay off Someday Island. Plan your escape now and don’t let the waves of the average drive you back to shore. Take these steps to vote yourself off Someday Island:

  • Get clear on your vision of how much money you want to make
  • Commit to being in the top 20% of income earners in your industry
  • Invest 3% of your income into personal development and marketing training
  • Commit to Self Mastery
  • Make progress not excuses

Actions Beat Intentions Everyday

Actions beat intentions everyday. Action never fails. Self Discipline requires daily action and daily actions is the only way to vote yourself off Someday Island.