Visit the Sites of Historical Devon

Whether you are staying at the Devon or Torquay holiday cottages there are a lot of sites to see and things to do just a few minutes away from your doorstep. The county of Devon is known as the “English Riviera” and its beaches are truly magnificent. Aside from the Devon coast there are multitudes of other popular destinations that are truly fascinating. Devon is rich in culture and history, from its majestic gardens, museums, castles and manors this popular tourist spot is also a great place to have a great English cultural vacation. Devon holiday cottages are the preferred accommodations for tourists visiting this area. They say travel is the best teacher, a visit to Devon and staying at the Torquay holiday cottages can be a brilliant way to discover the history of this county and how it has affected and influenced its people and culture.

England is one of the oldest civilizations in history, and there are sites in Devon that date back to medieval times and some more ancient. Other historical sites in the county of Devon exhibit the life and grandeur of its very colourful past. Some of the Devon and Torquay holiday cottages are patterned from different architectural styles from the past and serve as reminders of the glorious past of this South Western English County.

Torre Abbey

This fully restored structure is home to many sculptures and items from the collection of Frederick Thorpe. Also known as Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin, this English Philanthropist has collected and supported the arts during his lifetime and Torre Abbey is housing quite a number of his prized collection. The art collection is predominantly from the 19th century and showcases a maritime gallery that is sure to impress. This museum and historical site is in itself a very historic site as this painstakingly restored structure has to be one of the oldest in the South Western hemisphere of England. Devon holiday cottages are located strategically all over the county and provide easy access to visitors on their holiday that brought private vehicles or will be taking public transport to go about in Devon. Also displayed in this museum are different centres which house many brass sculptures from different time periods. Visitors staying at Torquay holiday cottages only have to travel a short distance to sample this both historic and artistic Devon landmark.

Bygones Victorian Museum

This establishment showcases the grandeur and majestic of the Victorian era. The Bygones Victorian Museum is another site not to be missed during your stay in the Devon and Torquay holiday cottages. Different rooms depict the different ways of life during this period and will leave guests with an idea of how hard life was before all the modern conveniences. Families visiting this site will enjoy the model railway and can enjoy sampling the goodies being served at the authentic tea room.