Vacationing in South Lake Tahoe

The north side of Lake Tahoe is usually the most popular destination for skiing, water sports, and family activities that take place outdoors. This is because the lake is more accessible from this side, and it is far more developed as a tourist attraction than the south side. However, in South Lake Tahoe, you can find many different rentals and accommodations to choose from, including a variety of hotels, lodges, and even cabin rentals for those looking for a less commercial experience of this beaiful vacation area and its offerings.

The lodging choices in South Lake Tahoe are generally the same cost as their northern counterpart. Vacation rentals on the south side of the lake rentals are simply less obvious and don’t appear as commercially appealing as a five star hotel on the north side of the lake. South side vacation rentals are more adult oriented than northern rentals.

There is something for families in South Lake Tahoe, but the north side definitely has more family fun oriented hotels and accommodations, which is used for more year round tourists. The south side region is generally suited for tourists, adults, and couples. There are far more casinos on the south side, as well as plenty of clubs, shows, and hot nightlife spots to check out.

The availability of certain sports is also different on the south side of the lake. This directly affects lodging in South Lake Tahoe, because they are generally for the more adventurous and grown up group, leaving the north side for family vacations and relaxing getaways. It doesn’t matter when you travel to the lake or how long you intend on staying. Knowing who you’re traveling with and what type of accommodations you want will help you to determine whether the lodging and attraction choices in on the south side will work for you or not.

Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination for all types of people and for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it doesn’t matter why you’re coming or who you’re traveling with. If you choose to stay on the south side of Tahoe, you’ll find plenty of lodging choices that are sure to suit your needs. If you come in the winter months, you’ll find skiing destinations and lodges that are popular, while coming in the summer will give you options for cabin rentals and stunning hotels that you can choose to stay in. Even though many refer to the south side as the more adult-friendly side, anyone can enjoy a vacation here as long as they know what’s available.