Travel and Vacation Planning

Many people will agree that planning a vacation can be as exciting as the vacation itself. Also, planning for travel or for a vacation can involve the whole family or at least all those that are going to be traveling. There are a few steps that one can take to improve his or her vacation as a whole, which revolve around meticulous planning. Although one does not have to imitate Clark Griswald in the many National Lampoon movies, he or she can create a rudimentary schedule and lists of everywhere he or she will travel along with important addresses and numbers. A simple list can be not only a time saver, but a money saver as well.

Lists: Destinations

Although everyone that will be traveling should know where their destination lies, it is good practice to create a list of the destinations as well as arrival times. Understanding where one will be traveling to, and when one will be arriving, will help everyone plan their activities accordingly. For instance, if you are traveling from the United States to England and will not be arriving until ten o’clock at night, you would not want to plan on visiting Buckingham Palace until the next day. Although such scheduling seems obvious, by scheduling your next day’s activities you can better understand your limitations as to what you can see and when you can see it. This will help travelers avoid scheduling activities that can not be accomplished as well as give one an idea of how their time will be spent in one place.

Planning Your Schedule

Another fun and enjoyable way for the family to get together is to plan your schedule destinations and activities. For instance, if you are visiting an area such as Orlando, Florida and are planning to visit one of the many theme parks and movie studios, let everyone take part in planning. For instance, plan a day everyone can agree on to go to the movie studios. If you are arriving on a Saturday afternoon, suggest that the family, or whomever will be traveling, take Sunday to relax by the pool at the hotel or do some local touring. This way, everyone will be fully rested when Monday comes and will be ready to tour the movie studios.

Also, by waiting until Monday, it is more likely that the movie park will be less crowded, which will make for a much more enjoyable time for everyone. Likewise, the group may have a three day pass to the area theme parks and studios, so it would be best to pattern these around one another to make sure you are able to maximize your time. The best way to plan may be to look at which parks will take longer to visit. It is suggested that for the parks that take longer, such as Epcot World and the Magic Kingdom, they should be spaced apart. This means that the first day may be spent in the Magic Kingdom, the second day at the theme park, and the third day at Epcot.