Top 5 Ways For Seniors to Save Money When Traveling Abroad

For the travel savvy seventy and up senior, saving for an over 70 travel insurance is a must. Travel insurance helps the senior deal with the financial aspects of medical emergencies, cancellation of flights, natural disasters, lost or stolen baggage and personal documentation, and accidental death and disability.

With those coverage available it’s no wonder why over 70 travel insurance is expensive. Which is why seniors should not only consider saving up for the trip but also saving money even while traveling.

You can save money on your over 70 travel insurance if you ask to modify the coverage. For instance, it’s not practical to be covered for ski accident when you are heading to the Caribbean. With that here are other ways that seniors can have some cash left at the end of their trip.


It would surprise you to know that many travelers do not know how much they are going to pay for storage of their baggage. This is because the vast majority of airlines do not display baggage fee information on their homepages further they will not tell you about this until you ask.

When shopping for tickets, also look at baggage fees because airlines may have the same airfare yet differ in the payment schemes for storing your bags. A sample scheme would be on the number of bags you carry, i.e. most airlines start charging you fees on the second bag.

Therefore travel light and don’t over pack your baggage. Leave your valuables they’ll not only burden you but could pose a threat to your safety as they can be stolen.


There are many ways to save on airfare.

Instead of paying separately for airfare, hotel, and car rentals why don’t you try bundling them up in a package? You can also potentially combine flights to get better prices additionally you can surf the Internet for ticketing websites for price listing which you can use to compare airfare rates.

If you know when you will be coming back, buy round trip tickets they are cheaper than buying another ticket to get you home. You can also get good deals if you set your sights on small airports at the point of destination.

Avoid Holidays

Holidays and peak season at key destinations are times when there is a high-volume of tourists traveling with you. You might want to avoid this as this is the time when airlines, hotels, and resorts will raise the prices of their services to take advantage of the law of supply and demand.


Instead of booking at luxurious hotels, try small inns, a motel, or a bed-and-breakfast. The price of these accommodations are significantly smaller because they are owner owned and thus can be flexible about giving out discounts than big hotels.

Cook for yourself or eat at economical restaurants instead of dining out all the time at hotels in which food could be expensive.


Don’t buy lots of souvenirs, one reason is these will add more to your baggage. Another reason is you can buy these at eBay when you go home. However, if you really want to do some shopping, do not buy at tourist centers because the vendors there pay much for stall space to be where lots of tourists are therefore the items they will sell will understandably be high priced.

Getting back to being insured, the tip is to study the policies of your over 70 travel insurance so that when the time comes for you to be using them, you know what you are covered for.