Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Being right in the middle of Europe yet completely a different experience all together, Turkey is just the place to visit to experience all the forbidden pleasure and earthly delights. The Turkish food, natural scenery and historic buildings are great to visit especially if you wish to be away from crowds of the typical Roman holiday.

The top ten tourist attractions that you can enjoy in Turkey include, St Sophia Museum, Blue Masque, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Cappadocia Region, Sardis, Aspendus, Kingdom or Mt Nimrod and Gallipoli.

The must visit for any Turkish holiday is Haghia Sophia Museum. Being here is amazing experience of spiritual kind. There is functioning church attached alongside museum here carrying the glorious artifacts of Ottoman Empire. If you are in Istanbul, the local beaches are also great place to visit in summer too.

The Blue Mosque also known as Sultan Ahmet Camii Masque is known to be its pristine symmetry and most tranquil vibe. This is covered in most intricate blue tiles. Most tourists carry back beautiful tiles from here as saviors to remind them of being in the most beautiful mosques in the world.

The Christian spiritual sites are also spread in every corners of Turkey too. There are many significant places for example the Mt Nimrod is known to be the stopping place for Noah’s Arch. There are great ruins with great tiles in here from the Byzantine period too. Strangely enough you might also find similar tiles in building too, so being here makes you feel being lost in time.

Known to be great geological find, Cappadocia has most scenic plateau with magical feel. This historic place is located in Central Turkey. The altitude here is approximately 3270 ft. Being here is an experience of one of kind as you can see the strangest architecture with triangle being formed with three towns of Kasseri, Nigde, and Nevsehir.

The Ephesus is great place for any body interested in history. This region houses the great remains of full city from 12 BC. This place shows the Turkish roots with Roman times. The city was throbbing civilization with more than 250 thousand population at one time.

Similarly important is the region of Pamukkale known for being part of eight wonders of world. This place has amazing geological formation that has been here untouched for more than 14 thousand years.