Top 10 Tips for Girly Girl Travel – How to Spend Less and See More at the Same Time?

Most of us do not have a large fortune and have to travel in a budget – either bigger or smaller. Of course, as we earn more, we can afford a more comfortable traveling experience that we can’t 10 years ago.

Money might be able to get us more luxuries, but some of the most valuable experiences can’t be bought by money. To a certain extent, sometimes I see more things when I spend less money.

10) Skip the full package tours for nothing more than 2D1N. Package tours consist of all touristy stuff. Pay a lot for homey-style tour in a foreign country.

9) All girly girls shop. But when traveling, window-shopping can be a better option. Capture all beautiful things in photos but buy only the practical.

8) Buy accessories. They are cheaper and lighter. Whenever you wear them, you will remember you bought a little part of the country home with you.

7) Do a ‘help exchange’ for free lodging in a female backpacker dorm. Usually it includes simple housekeeping works for a few hours a day.

6) Chat with fellow female travelers. Meeting new people and sharing of information can expand our context tremendously.

5) Immerse in nature – be it botanic gardens or national parks. The flora in this country is definitely different from those at home.

4) Dine at local eateries instead of fanciful restaurants. Most countries have unique cultures, and it is reflected in their cuisine.

3) Blend in like a local. Don’t have to dress and speak exactly like them, but many locals appreciate when foreigners adapt to their culture in their country.

2) Be open-minded and interested when chatting with locals. They tend to share many interesting information and details that tour agencies don’t tell you.

1) Look out for the beautiful side of human nature. Every country has nice people who help willingly without asking for anything in return.

The ‘less is more’ concept can be quite applicable here. We spend less money and yet see more, and sometimes, experience so much more than we ever imagined. The beautiful side of human nature is so wonderful in the simplest way possible.