Things to Consider While Planning a Trip to Nepal

Nestled between the Himalayan trail and India, Nepal is a place to quench your adrenaline rush for outdoor treks and picturesque views. The snow clad mountains, yaks, Sherpas and monasteries could possibly be the ultimate goal of mountain lovers and which makes Nepal sightseeing as interesting as it could be. 8 out of 10 world’s tallest mountains are located in Nepal including ‘Mount Everest’ which is amongst the most trekked and the Earth’s highest mountain.

Things to consider while planning a trip to Nepal:

Every place has some local features which are unique to the place you visit and if you are going to visit Nepal, there are few things that you must remember or follow while planning a trip.

1) Currency of Nepal- The first thing that comes to your mind is visiting or buying some of the local stuff and shop during Nepal sightseeing. And for that you will require Nepal’s currency. You can exchange currency easily within Nepal with Nepalese rupee while you roam around.

2) Budget of travel- We, as travellers, usually try to manage our trips at a cheaper cost and a visit to Nepal can be a pocket friendly trip. The cost of the food is quite reasonable, which makes it an ideal destination for the foreigners.

3) Food in Nepal- Nepal’s signature dish is ‘DallBhaatTarkari’ (lentils, rice and vegetable curry). Do not miss to taste this delicacy as it is served in almost every local hotel and is sumptuous. Apart from that, there is a variety of food stuffs available to enjoy every day deliciously. When in Nepal do try the Jhol Momos. Jhol means liquid and Jhol momos are the momos that are drowned in a bowl full of sauce called jhol achar.

4) Safe for single women- This is the point, I would like to focus primarily. Nepal sightseeing is quite safe even for a single woman. It is known that Nepali men are very respectful towards the women. They always avoid unwanted physical contact with any woman which is suggested as per their religious norms.

5) Shopping in Nepal- Another thing you will need to plan before traveling to the Nepal is what stuff to buy once you are there, because, there are ample of things, treasures that you will love to acquire and that too at affordable prices. Religious paintings on a piece of fabric, singing bowl-a unique Nepali treasure, traditional bhairab masks & dramatic faces for wall decorations, notebooks and diaries made with rice paper, traditional jewelry, etc. can all be added to you shopping list.

The list is exhaustive, but enjoy it at the best. Nepal is a country which offers warmth to everyone it meets.