Things to Consider When Looking at Timeshare Vacation Packages

Stop Looking at Timeshare Vacation Packages

At first glance, timeshare vacation packages look like a pretty sweet deal. Compared to paying full price at a hotel for a week, it can be a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to deal with being unable to get a room. A timeshare may even make for a friendlier vacation, because you’ll see a lot of the same faces every time you return.

However, there’s also a dark side to timeshare vacation packages. They really limit your vacation options more than anything. With a timeshare, you get the condo/beach house/suite for your week, but that’s it. What if, for example, you can’t take your vacation at that same time next year? You still have the timeshare, and you’re still on the hook for all the fees. Unless you can find someone to rent it on short notice, chalk that up as a loss. Some timeshares might not even allow you to sublet.

A vacation club is a better option for many travelers. They offer discounts on all sorts of things, from hotels, to cruises, to airfare. True, there’s usually a membership fee, but it’s a one time thing. Travelers can book a trip whenever they want and leave just days later, so it works when your vacation time is sporadic.

Besides, the best part of traveling is visiting and exploring new places. Some may say that a beach is a beach no and that location doesn’t matter, but it does. Vacation clubs allow travelers to see new seas and cross new frontiers. Why eat at the same seafood restaurants in Key West every year, when instead you could go to Barbados one year and Rio the next? With timeshare vacation packages, you’re stuck with the same old destination. Once you grow tired of it, you have to sell the timeshare. Some companies make it simpler than others, but a timeshare is not always easy to unload.