The Rise Of The Standard Hotel

The Standard Hotel is actually a group of boutique hotels in Los Angeles, Miami and New York which have been given five star reviews from businessmen and travelers.

The Standard hotel first opened along the Sunset Strip in 1999 in West Hollywood, California. It opened in a place called Chateau Marmont and was one of the hotels to sport a decor of avant-garde. Everything about the hotel was built and modeled along that genre as well as the hotels signage and logo following that trend. Andre Balazs Properties was the company that opened and continues the run the chain of hotels until the present.

The building that hosted the Standard was originally called the Thunderbird Hotel which was opened in 1962. It later became a retirement hotel when Balazs bought it and controlled its functions. Among its investors were celebrities DiCaprio, “Charlies Angels” Cameron Diaz, several rock groups, and other influential actors.

Throughout the years, the Standard Hotel has hosted many events like the launching of the famous NYLON magazine by Michael Neumann. The hotel has also been the site for numerous model photoshoots.

There are four Stand Hotels and each has their own distinct style. The most notable of the four is the New York and downtown LA hotel. When the New York hotel opened, it sported an extensive modernist design throughout its facade and interior. Likewise the hotel introduced outdoor dining which caused some controversy when patrons didn’t want to be exposed to passerby’s.

The downtown Los Angeles hotel was made famous for its roof top pool and bar. This place in particular has appeared in many interviews and photoshoots for different people and not just celebrities.

The Standard Hotel was one of the hotels that have been regularly plagued with rumors and controversies since many of its founding investors and members have been famous celebrities. Most of the public has likened to associate scandals with the Standard Hotel. At times this proved to be a boon and sometimes a bane when the publicity of the hotel rose and dipped.

Despite the publicity with the media, the Standard Hotel has continued to strive to provide their patrons with the utmost confidentiality and service during their stay.

The Standard Hotel continues to be on par with many other hotel chains that have ranked high on customer satisfaction despite being limited to within its own country’s border.

One interesting note is that the Sunset Strip hotel has the image of a woman location features a woman laying down behind the front desk just behind the glass partition.