The Purple River (of the Mantaro Valley) & Anticuchos & Picarones

1) The Purple River

(Of the Mantaro Valley 1879-83)

The waters were too swift

To swim across–

The bridge, made of rock and stone

Hawks guarded, by day and night;

To fight these warriors,

One must have thirst and madness

(For the Chilean invaders

Of the Pacific War)

Lest the invaders destroy–

One and all–, then what?

Then came an echo from–

The Avelinos, of San Jeronimo,
“No; no foreign foe will

Ever set foot in our Mantaro Valley


(And thus, that is when

The war really began)

Written in Huancayo, Peru, 8-27-2006, in the sunny afternoon.

Note; when one is on the summit of Mount Catalina Wanka, in the heart of the Mantaro Valley, some 5000-feet looking down upon it, the river looks purple

2)Anticuchos & Picarones

(In Ol-Huancayo)

Anticuchos and Picarones

Anticuchos and Picarones

(It’s what I eat ((do)) while in


It is hard to pick between the two

So guess what I do?

I eat them both

(with my coffee and coke).

An evening snack in ol-Huancayo,

Or, an afternoon treats–

Walking the streets

(in the market pace).

Anticuchos and Picarones

Anticuchos and Picarones

(It’s what I eat ((do)) while in


Note: #1442 8/28/2006

Note: there are many traditional foods in the Mantaro Valley of Peru to include, anticuchos (cow hearts barbecued like ribs with a sauce); and Picarones (like doughnuts, cooked like French-fries in a hot oil); Cuy (ginny pig, which is cooked many different ways, and very nutritious), Pachamanca and Chicharron (forms of pork).

I have eaten them all, between 1999, and 2006, and they are all delicious; especially cuy (Ginny Pig, or Cuy Colorado ((in red hot sauce)).

Dedicated to Mrs. Arrieta, who makes a good Cuy Colorado.

“The Magic of the Avelinos” Dennis´ newest book to be out in November

Present Note: September, 2006: This most recent book of Dennis´, “The Magic of the Avelinos of the Mantaro Valley” has recently been seen on Television with most favorable reviews by: Channels 21 (Elizabeth Zapata); 2 (Gustavo Benito and Walter Campos); 15 (Marco Antonio Ponce and Marlene Priale); along with Red Global (Rocio Abarca and Lily Unchupaico).
To include, the University of Los Andes fine consideration (Adelmo Huamaní and Antonio Castillo); and the radio stations: 15-50 (Rodolfo Vergara), Sabor Mix (Joseito Arrieta), Super Latina (Junior Meza), whom showed a considerate interest and very sound evaluation of the book. The Mayor of San Jeronimo, Jesus Vargas, and the Huancayo Correo newspaper (Hector Mayhuire and Marissa Cardenas), also shared their find opinion for the book.

Dennis´ next book on Peru, to be out in 2007, “La Casa de Azul” (“The House of Blue”) is about the cultures of Peru, in Poetic form; you will see them appear from the mist of mystery, and vanish in the Midst of oblivion. By Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk