The Lake Tianchi Monster – A Creature of Cryptozoology

If you think that buffalo can only be seen on land, then think again. The Lake Tianchi or Heaven Lake is known to be the home of several huge monsters that come in the form of buffalos. Nestled at the peak of Baekdu Mountain of the mountain ranges of Baekdudaegan and Changbai that extends to China’s Jilin Province of China and North Korea’s Ryanggang Province; The Lake Tianchi is acknowledged as the largest crater lake, and the deepest mountain lake in all of China.

The Lake Tianchi Monster was reported to be first seen in 1903. Based on the report of the witness, the beast was a very large monster which had physical characteristics that resembled the features of a buffalo. It tried to attack three people but when it was shot at, it immediately went back to the water. Almost sixty years after the first sighting, more than a hundred people reported that they were witnesses to the sight of two buffalo-like creatures who chased each other in the water.

In 2005, The China Daily published an article stating that a tourist in Jilin Province has claimed to spot the Lake Tianch Monster. The tourist, Zheng Changchun, stated that he was observing the waters when he suddenly saw a strange, black object emerging from the waters. Zheng then got his videotape and recorded the sighting. In the video, a black creature can be seen rising from and plunging into the lake three times.

Last year, a TV reporter in China, Zhuo Yongsheng noted that he had videotaped his sighting of six unidentified creatures in the Lake Tianchi on September 6. According to Zhuo, the creatures resembled seals with large fins or wings which were much larger than their bodies. He said that the creatures were swimming and playing around the lake during that morning. He added that the creatures swam swiftly “as fast as yachts”. Zhuo also observed that the creatures were moving in a synchronize way, “as if someone was giving orders”.

Zhuo sent his still photos to the provincial bureau of Jilin and news reports about the sighting and the pictures came out. Based on the pictures in the news reports, the six creatures were shown swimming by pairs, in a parallel lane. Another photograph showed the Lake Tianchi monsters closer together as they left circular waves on the water.

Apart from the mentioned sightings, there have been more than thirty reports that tourists have observed the monster in the waters of the Lake Tianchi for the past twenty years.