The Advantages of an Orlando Vacation Home Rental

Orlando is a vacation paradise and there is no doubt about it. If you are planning to visit Orlando with your family then you are sure to enjoy it, but if you would like to get the most out of your vacation and also stay within your budget then you have to consider where you are going to stay. In most places going on vacation means that you are going to stay in a hotel but in Orlando another possibility is available, renting a condo, home or villa. In case you haven’t already made your hotel booking, I would like to point out the advantages of making a vacation home rental in the Orlando area.

Let’s start with space. No doubt there are luxury hotels in and around Disney World, but they are no match for the vacation rental homes especially when it comes to comparing the spaciousness of the accommodations. Instead of cramming your entire family in one, two or three rooms, with a vacation home rental you will have an entire condo, house or villa at your disposal. Your children can have their own bedrooms and sleep soundly as they do at home, and you will also be more relaxed in a private bedroom.

Now let’s take a look at comfort. The vacation home rentals are fully equipped homes. You get a complete furnished house, with kitchen appliances and bedding, and home entertainment systems including TV, DVD. The homes are fully air-conditioned and have screened swimming pools. Sure, the luxury hotels have swimming pools too, but picture yourself after a day at the theme parks, enjoying a barbecue and relaxing by your own private pool. You just can’t do any better. And on top of that you won’t have to worry about parking because you will have your own private garage.

If you are thinking that you will have to sacrifice on location to enjoy this combination of space and luxury, then you are wrong. You can rent condos, home and villas that are within minutes of Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and other Orlando attractions. This type of location gives you tremendous flexibility and convenience. For example, you visit a theme park in the morning, come back to your home at noon, go out in the afternoon and come back to get ready for the evening. And remember, when you are in your own private residence you can come and go as you please when you please without disturbing anyone.

I am leaving the best part to last. You can get all of these advantages and save money too. That’s right if you are coming with your family it is usually cheaper to rent a vacation home rather than to rent a room or rooms in a luxury hotel. A three bedroom home with two baths starts at $115. The rates go up a bit if you are coming in the peak season which includes Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. If you are planning to visit in the peak season it is also advisable to make your reservations well in advance.

So consider all the advantages of choosing a vacation home rental in Orlando and then make your reservations accordingly.