Ten Fantastic Tips for Traveling With Children

#1: Be sure to take Plenty of Stops:
No one likes to travel, especially children. Everyone want to get to and from their destination as quickly as possible. Long lines, busy airports, delayed flights, noisy places, etc. are hard enough for adults to handle let alone young children. When traveling with kids, you’ll need to make every effort to keep them as comfortable as possible. Frequent bathroom visits, snacks, and simple “running around” will allow kids to deal better with traveling.

#2: Relax and Take Your Time:
Don’t rush, remember you are on vacation! When you’re hurried you not only stress yourself, but everyone else in your party too. It’s much better to take your time and relax. Everyone traveling with you will be more at ease and the people around you will appreciate it as well.

#3: Keep Your Kids Occupied.:
Unfortunately, children get bored easy. Be sure to pack toys, games, coloring books, cards, etc. to help keep the kids occupied with activity. You may also consider starting a vacation journal where they can write down where they have been or draw or take pictures of the places you visit.

#4: Keep Kids Fed and Hydrated:
It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by plane or by car, be sure to take plenty of extra liquids and snacks for the kids. Kids stomachs are smaller then yours and probably use much more of their food towards energy and growing. On long trips this is especially important not only for your children but for you as well!

#5: Travel at Night or Early in the Morning:
Although this may be difficult to do with air travel due to schedule, traveling during the night and morning is much better. The reason is easy; they will most likely want to sleep. This makes traveling smoother on both the children and the parents, because by the time the children wake up, you may already be at your destination.

#6: Keep the Kids Involved:
When adults are planning vacations, it’s easy to forget that the children need to do something too. Visiting the Louvre in Paris France or the Prado in Madrid Spain may be great for adults but will probably bore the kids to death. Be sure to schedule child friendly activities throughout the day. If you feel like you must visit these places, keep the visit to a maximum of one to two hours.

#7: Pack a Little Something Extra:
Don’t forget to pack plenty of clothes when you’re traveling with children, especially with infants. Kids tend to spill food and drink and when traveling with a baby, bathroom emergencies will always arise! This doesn’t mean pack everything, but just some extra items in case you get that “blowout”.

#8: Use Available Kid Services:
Be sure to take full advantage of what is offered; especially for free. Most airlines allow pre-boarding for families traveling with small children. Also children discounts are available everywhere including amusement parks, museums, tours, movie tickets, etc.

#9: When in Doubt, Ask for Help:
We have all been there; you forgot something or just need an extra hand carrying something. Most airlines and hotels usually cater to children so if you forgot something, just ask. From diapers to baby formula, most needs can be accommodated. Don’t forget employees often have children themselves so they are more then willing to give a helping hand when in need.

#10: Keep Sane:
At some point in the trip you will lose things, delays will happen (especially out of busy airports) and things will go wrong. So don’t panic! Take a deep breathe, relax, and things will work themselves out. If your children see the parents in distress then they will react the same way. Always remember the big picture; you’re creating life long memories for you and your family to enjoy for years to come and a little obstacle is nothing to worry about on your vacation.