Star Island Luxury Homes – Information For Wealthy Property Buyers: Location, Exclusivity, and Tax

Wealthy property buyers who are looking for the best real estate options within the Miami region often come to find that Star Island luxury homes are among the finest that the region has to offer because of the exceptional quality and value that each of these homes can provide which are perfect for the needs of people who seek modern luxury living within an illustrious waterfront community.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that wealthy property buyers will want to make note of prior to the purchase which can help them to understand what they are getting when it comes to the actual purchase.

Vicinity and Location

One of the first things that wealthy property buyers will absolutely love about today’s selection of Star Island luxury homes is the fact that they are located on an exclusive man-made island which sits in the waters of Biscayne Bay within Miami Beach City. Neighboring islands include the Venetian Islands, Palm Island, and Hibiscus Island.

The community is accessible to the public via the MacArthur Causeway which makes it very convenient for residents who are looking to experience all that the region has to offer in other nearby cities. Furthermore, the fact that the most popular attractions are within minutes of the community makes it perfect for the maximum Miami living experience.

Absolute Exclusivity

Wealthy property buyers often seek exclusive communities within Miami and that is exactly what you will get with today’s selection of Star Island Luxury Homes as there are only 34 properties available on the island community. Of course, these homes are not for everyone as only the best will have the opportunity to purchase these amazing real estate options.

Property Tax Info

While the location of the community is definitely something that people will want to pay particular attention to, it also helps to be aware of the property tax info which is important after any purchase. According to real estate data, the median property tax bill for Star Island luxury homes is $147,215 which places it in the number one spot among all communities within the city.

The highest taxpayer within the community has a property tax bill of $796,397 while the second highest taxpayer has a property tax bill of $354,659. Nevertheless, today’s wealthy property buyers often find these values to be no problem at all, especially for those from countries where tax values are significantly higher.

If you would like to find out more information regarding your available options in one of the most exclusive waterfront communities within the region, you should contact a professional agent that specializes in Star Island real estate for more details.