Planning a Trip to Orlando? What to Do in Orlando Florida

Well it’s that time of the year. No, not back-to-school time although it is that too, but what I mean is it’s time for the super spectacular weather to begin in Florida. So now is the time to plan your trip, and here are a few ideas of what to do in Orlando Florida.

Disney World is probably the first thing on everyone’s list, especially if you have kids. When we first moved here my relatives came every year without fail and headed out to Disney. Unfortunately they tended to come during the hot summer months which was not so fun. Actually sort of miserable. But I just walked outside now and it is the end of September and the weather has gone from icky hot yesterday to very nice, breezy, and pleasant today. So it’s time to head to the theme parks! So yes, Disney is one of the fun things to do here and should be on everyone’s list. It’s not just for kids and it brings out the kid in all of us.

But what else? Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are two other really nice parks to visit. They are right together, all part of Universal along with City Walk (which you can check out at night for the restaurants and clubs). I prefer Islands of Adventure but if you have not ever seen either one that you should see both of them.

Sea World should be on your list too. I haven’t been in several years but it never fails to entertain me when I visit.

If you want to drive an hour and a half or so out of Orlando you can visit Busch Gardens. It’s well worth the time.

What else is there to do in Orlando Florida other than theme parks? Lots! There are many lakes, and you can rent a ski boat or a pontoon and spend the day on the lake. The St Johns River is also nearby and this river is huge, goes on for about 300 miles. I definitely recommend a pontoon for the river. There is nothing like meandering down the river on a nice day on a comfortable boat with snacks and fishing poles. Or don’t bother with the fishing poles, just enjoy the scenery. You’re sure to see some wildlife, mainly gators and a lot of birds and turtles. Don’t worry, the gators will just get out of your way.

There are also a lot of state parks and quaint downtown areas on the outskirts of Orlando. One downtown area I recommend is Mount Dora which is located in Lake County. It’s only about 30 minutes away and you will really enjoy the shops and the lake. There are some really nice restaurants too.

Speaking of restaurants, go online and check out some message boards to find some good ones where the locals go. There are many! If you are looking for casual, there is one that I have discovered lately, Backyard Boys, which has awesome barbecue. And if you want some great southern-style seafood then you might want to drive a bit out of Orlando (not far) to Apopka and try out The Catfish Place. Great food and a secret of the locals. So don’t tell!

So as you can see, if you are wondering what to do in Orlando Florida, there is more than enough to keep you occupied during your visit.