Ontario Fishing Lake Reviews – Lake Nipissing

With over 250,000 lakes, Ontario is home to some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Ontario has several destination lakes which are classified as such due to their size, location and the quality of their fishery. Lake Nipissing is one of these destination lakes.

Ontario divides its fishing areas into zones with Lake Nipissing falling into zone 11. There are specific regulations for each zone and some lakes, such as Lake Nipissing also have their own regulations with respect to catch limits, etc. A Ontario fishing license is generally required to fish in the province of Ontario. There are two main types of Ontario fishing licenses which are a Sport Fishing License and a Conservation Fishing License. The Sport Fishing License allows for higher catch limits.

Lake Nipissing is one of the most popular Ontario fishing lakes due to the fact that it is a relatively shallow lake and its natural structure provides near perfect conditions for a variety of fish species. One of the best fishing areas on Lake Nipissing is in South Bay. Located along the southern portion of the lake, South Bay offers many features that make it the ideal fishing area. It is full of small islands and underwater structures that are home to many of the favored species. Unlike the main lake, South Bay is well protected from the wind and waves and allows for successful fishing trips even when the weather is not cooperating.

Located approximately 300km north of Toronto, Lake Nipissing draws fishermen from all over Ontario, Canada and even from many US Border States such as Michigan, Ohio and New York. There are four main species that are targeted by fishermen on Lake Nipissing. They are Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Muskellunge. There are also significant numbers of Yellow Perch, Sunfish and various other species. Although there are as many theories and techniques as to how best to catch each species as there are fishermen, there are a few basic principles that apply. Your best source of information is to refer to a Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources publication called the “Fishing Ontario: Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary” which covers all of the application rules and regulations as well as offering some advice on lure selection.

Anyone planning a fishing trip in Ontario should consider Lake Nipissing. Not only does it present some of the best opportunities for plentiful catches and trophy caliber fish but many of the fishing resorts located along its shores have some of the best sandy beaches and sunset views anywhere in the province. There are many private rental cottages available as well as fishing lodges that offer a variety of fishing and family vacation packages.