Online Backups In Travel – Helpful Tips

Traveling, whether for leisure or research, always has the risks for your belongings. And this would include getting your laptop damaged; your hard drives lost, and even your bag stolen. This is why creating backups have always been a necessity, more importantly while on travel.

As you do not want your files lost while on travel, it is important to get them protected. Here, are a few important tips on how to do it;

1. It is always best have your own personal portable or mobile internet access device. Free Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t really good spots to do your backup. You are exposed to potential network attacks at these areas, including viruses and malwares. Just do so if you do trust your network provider. Also take note that Free Wi-Fi hotspots, on the average, are not so satisfactory in terms of speed. This is also the case for some portable internet access devices. A good online backup service will utilize even if you have a slow connection, and you must verify this with your provider. Online data storage is designed so that you could back your files up anytime and anywhere, you wouldn’t want to waste time and money to a service that is not up to that aren’t you?

2. Always update your backups with the latest files along the way. Photos, videos, research papers, and whatever it is that you produce during the course of your travel, you must create a backup of it. Major online backup providers do have programs that routinely create backups for you, and they can be set to a time period whichever suits you best. Take advantage of these. This is the beauty of online backups, so long as you are connected to the web, your files always stay protected.

3. Back up your system and other huge files before even traveling. Backing these types of files often takes time to complete, especially around slower connections, and you wouldn’t want to do it on travel. Besides, access to AC mains isn’t always around, and so you will be often limited by battery capacity constraints. The files you should be backing up while on travel must be somewhat smaller, like pictures and documents, or maybe videos.

Moreover, one important reason on why you should create an online system backup before traveling is that your laptop is exposed to different risks. On travel you would most probably connect to unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots, plug in USBs, and even connect to public networks like internet cafes. Your system is at risk from system attacks. Also, there’s the risk of damaging your laptop by physical means. Your laptop itself may survive, but some system files may become corrupt. System malfunctions aren’t really rare. And creating a backup can save you big bucks instead of buying a new one.

4. Review your online backup service policies. This has always been your responsibility. Take time to review these policies before travel. They may have certain issues that can be potentially important, like bandwidth requirements or so. This would ensure you know everything and will not be surprised in case something happens.