New Year Resolution Tips – Find a Buddy to Share Your Journey!

Do you truly want to make your 2009 New Year Resolution a reality? If the answer is “Yes”, one important ingredient is ‘camraderie’. Find a buddy to share the journey toward achieving your dream, resolution and daily goals. It is much easier if you don’t try to ‘go it alone’ and it will be more fun if you have a pal to share the good times right along with the rough patches. Remember that ‘best friend’ you had when you were a kid – the one with whom you shared laughs on those long summer days? You commiserated together and stuck with each other through thick and thin, good times and bad times. Maybe it’s time to find a buddy like that who shares your passion, interest, desire, and commitment to your 2009 resolution.

Finding the right buddy isn’t as hard as you think. You probably already know someone who shares your vision and would be interested in pursuing your dream with you. The trick is to look for that special person and ask! Say your resolution is to exercise for 30-minutes each day, or learn to cook healthier meals, or master photography. There is an endless assortment of dreams and resolutions! Maybe you have a co-worker who would love to walk with you during breaks, or hit the gym at lunchtime, or play softball after work. Maybe you have a friend who shares your interest in cooking who would enjoy whipping up a new creation once each week. Or maybe you have a buddy who shares a photography class with you. Ask that fellow-photographer if he/she is interested in shooting with you on weekends. Field trips are loads of fun – shoot first, then picnic afterward!

Teaming up with a friend will help you to make a successful, rewarding journey. Here are just a few of the benefits of teaming up with a kindred spirit:

  1. You can share ideas, brainstorm, research, learn, implement, and grow together.
  2. You can help each other to build a long-range plan, and daily action plans that will guide you throughout your journey toward achieving your dream, resolution and daily goals.
  3. You can keep each other accountable by scheduling time to work on your resolution together. It is much harder to ‘give up’ or ‘quit’ when a buddy is relying on you, or when you have scheduled time get together.
  4. You can compare notes on progress, do weekly check-ins, make course corrections, and celebrate victories together. Rewards are as important as the actual ‘work’ for continued motivation, success and happiness.
  5. You can help each other to overcome obstacles, stay on track, and ensure that expectations are realistic and achievable.
  6. You can share a laugh, get silly and have fun. Making and keeping a resolution is hard work, but you should enjoy the journey, as well . . . Remember the old adage “All work and no play . . .”

There are a lot of good reasons to find a buddy who will work together with you on your resolution, dream or goal. Now get moving and start a team! Remember: I Resolve To . . . Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year. It’s your choice. Do it today. Turn your resolution into reality in five simple, common sense steps: Dare To Dream, Decide, Define, Develop A Plan, and Do It Daily. Make your resolution a permanent Lifetime Resolution, something that’s with you for good! Above all, Be A Resolutionista, someone who makes resolutions, keeps resolutions, and enjoys the journey! Let’s Go For It!