Mystery Vacation Planners, Ski Resort Upgrades And Other Travel News

This European Island Has a Clever Way To Keep Away Tourists

Most popular tourist destinations try to increase the number of visitors every year. But that’s not the case on the glamorous Spanish island of Mallorca. Faced with the prospect of losing their paradise to the growing swell of tourism, local activists have taken an innovative approach to keep its azure waters less crowded—fake warning signs posted on some of Mallorca’s most popular beaches. Seemingly ordinary to passersby, these signs bear disturbing messages in English such as “dangerous jellyfish” or “falling rocks.” While tourists are led to believe they face physical dangers, the messages actually make with bold statements such as: “the problem isn’t a rockfall, it’s mass tourism,” or the satirical note that the beach is “open—except for foreigners and jellyfish.”

The Biggest Upgrades at America’s Top Ski Resorts

While the pandemic took its toll on most travel destinations, ski vacations flourished. And U.S. resorts—for both skiers and snowboarders—have learned valuable lessons and made significant improvements. From Aspen, Colorado, to Big Sky, Montana, here are the biggest upgrades to some of America’s top ski resorts.

Outrageous Hotel Packages for the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Formula 1 racing will come roaring down The Strip on November 19 with the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. And, naturally, hotels and casinos are offering outrageous luxury packages with a view of the action and access to exclusive events. From Bellagio to Resorts World, here’s how to roll with the highest rollers during the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Travel Wise

When it comes to booking flights, most travelers try to find the Goldilocks zone—purchase tickets too early and the fares may be too high. Wait until the last minute and the best seats will surely be sold. For the risk-adverse who want a sure thing, some Google Flight search results now come with a price-guarantee badge, which means that the search giant is so confident the displayed fare won’t drop before departure that it will refund the difference if the price does fall. And, yes, customers will receive their refund via GooglePay.

Destination Unknown: The Ultimate Surprise Trip

Plenty of people claim to be adventurous travelers, but ask yourself this: Would you pay someone to plan a trip for you if you only learned where you were going when you arrive at the airport? That’s the premise behind Destination Unknown, which creates mystery itineraries—typically seven to 12 days—based on a client’s travel history and preferences. “Our travelers tend to be in the 40s and up, mid-career, with no time to plan,” says Destination Unknown founder Michael Bennett, adding. “Some are so busy they don’t have time to dream about where they want to go.”