My Niagara Falls Vacation Package at the Skyline Inn

It’s New Years Eve in Niagara Falls, and my family and I have decided to board up at the Skyline Inn for 2 nights. While the Niagara Falls vacation package we purchased was through Travelocity, the same type of package was found directly through their website. One of the reasons I advise people to check directly at the hotel sites for some of the better offers available. Needless to say, it was packed, seeing as it was New Years Eve. Every room was filled, and the front desk was struggling to manage the hordes of people with kids waiting for their room so essentially they can hit the waterpark.

The Niagara Falls vacation package included a one night stay, 4 passes to the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, and complimentary tickets to Adventure City in the Falls Avenue Entertainment Complex for $149.00. The Adventure City was more of an add-on to make the deal sound sweeter but really didn’t add much value at all. It has arcade games, small rides (like bumper cars, and swat team), mini-put and other contained activities like the playhouse for small children. While the MGM moving theatre was fun, the rest of the complimentary tickets we received didn’t last long, leaving you with a taste of fun, yet the need to pay for more (my definition of cash trap). Be aware there are limited things to do for ages below 5, or over 12 so if you’re in this range you won’t want to spend a lot of time here.

The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark was by far the best portion of the Niagara Falls vacation package. Despite 4 hotels directly connected to the waterpark via indoor temperature controlled walkways, the waterpark accommodated the large volume of guests well. After main check-in, the park filled to the brim quickly, then simmered down throughout the evening to a very comfortable level given the amount of guests. The large slides were exhilarating but not too intimidating for younger kids, while the Beach House had a significantly large play house of wet fun for the wee ones. There were outdoor patios, hot tubs, wave pool and (swim under glass) indoor to outdoor pools. You can also find a Jungle Beach Playland as an exciting dry option for kids who aren’t excited by water fun. The park was really a complete package with something for everyone and fun for parents and kids alike. And just to mention, the regular price for admission to the park is $48.61 per person 3 and up(with the exception of Canadian Niagara residents at $20), so you can see how a Niagara Falls vacation package through a hotel will make more sense.

Staying in the Skyline Inn is a great option for families. The hotel has been recently remodeled with the connection to the Fallsview Waterpark. The rooms while standard were accommodating with newly finished bathrooms, clean linens, and everything you would expect from a standard hotel. Family Bunk Bed Suites are available that can accommodate up to 7 guests for the larger families. Attached to the hotel is Perkins Restaurant for dining, or Planet Hollywood restaurant which is a quick walk from the front of Skyline, which is also great fun for the family. During our stay, they played Shrek 3 on a large screen in the indoor courtyard. People grabbed blankets and pillows and found a cozy spot to watch while munching popcorn. The plus with this hotel is its indoor walkway which not only connects you to the waterpark, but to the Niagara Casino, the Hershey Factory, Hard Rock Cafe, the Falls Avenue Entertainment Complex, Clifton Hill, and much more all without stepping foot outside. It’s a great option, especially come the colder weather, or in some cases, the hotter weather. Oh, and keep in mind parking is billed at $6-$8 per day depending on when you go.

Overall, I would have to say that my experience was pleasant and the value was good. Trying to do what we did without having a Niagara Falls vacation package would have been terribly expensive. For a family excursion to Niagara Falls, I would recommend this avenue however I would check the hotel websites thoroughly in order to find which hotel is offering the best pricing. I’ve recently looked again, only to find the pricing is $129 for the same package. So, happy hunting…