Movie lovers are losing it after discovering this naughty deleted scene from ‘The Santa Clause’

Die-hard fans of the beloved holiday classic ‘The Santa Clause’ recently stumbled upon a hidden secret—an amusing yet controversial scene that never made it to the final cut. 

The discovery has sparked a buzz among cinephiles, as one Reddit user shared a clip of the long-forgotten moment.

An exchange that would have bumped up the rating

In this unreleased snippet, Laura, portrayed by Wendy Crewson, drops off her son Charlie at his dad, Scott’s place for Christmas festivities. 

What follows is a seemingly innocent exchange as Laura hands Scott a slip of paper containing her new significant other, Neil’s mother’s contact number for emergencies. 

Little did viewers know, this casual gesture took a hilarious turn when Scott, played by Tim Allen, sarcastically reads out the number as ‘1-800-SPANK-ME,’ playfully declaring, “I know that number!”

The urban legend of 1800 SPANK ME

While the internet is buzzing with the newfound scene, discussions about its removal from the movie persist. 

A “naughty” deleted scene from The Santa Clause has just been rediscovered online. Walt Disney Pictures
Reddit users speculated why the scene was deleted.

Some Reddit users speculate that the scene was axed due to the actual existence of the phone number. 

There are even claims that mischievous children, inspired by the film, dialed the number repeatedly, prompting the decision to excise the joke from subsequent releases.

As the debate continues, opinions diverge on the reasons behind the scene’s removal. 

One Reddit contributor pondered, “Wasn’t it because there was a 1-800 number that matched that?” 

Some thought that children called the hotline. ©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Another chimed in, suggesting, “Because supposedly it was a real number?”

What happens when you dial the number?

I don’t know why I was hoping for a recording of Tim Allen to greet me on the other line.

Unfortunately, though, when you dial 1800 SPANK ME (1800-772-6563) it’s not Tim Allen, or Santa Clause, or even a NSFW hotline.

It was a pre-recorded message telling me the number had been disconnected.