Make the Most Out of Your City Break in Faro This Summer

Is it true that you have decided to take a city break in Faro? It’s, without a doubt, one of the most explored tourist destinations in the world that have been catching the attention of all the eager travelers from all over the world. There is not just one but plenty of reasons which let the tourist take cheap flights to Faro from every corner of the world.

There is so much to do in the city of Faro that you will absolutely fall in love with the city. The sun-kissed beaches, exciting history, mouth-watering food, soothing spas, and amazing shopping are the major reasons which let a passionate traveler compare flights to Faro so that they can choose the one within his budget.

When is the right time to fly to Faro?

Recognized as the capital of The Algarve region in Portugal, Faro is one of the most sought after destinations which no eager traveler can afford to miss. In fact, it is a small town in the European country which prides itself for being home to a number of incredible tourist attractions which are a must visit.

If you want your city break to be a relaxing one, the months of July and August are the best ones to fly to this fascinating Portuguese city. These are, in fact, the months which attract a lot of sun worshipers from all across the globe. You can also enjoy the international folklore festival,which is known as FolkFaro, held in August. This festival is really an amazing one as there is a variety of entertainment on the streets of the city.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

In Faro, you will get plenty of opportunities to let your adrenaline out as there are some water sports which take you on a thrilling joyride. You can try scuba diving and snorkeling for living a lifetime’s worth.

Explore some of the best tourist attractions of Faro

There are several highlights in this city which will make your city break a delightful one and you must compare flights to Faro to choose the one which is friendly on your pocket. Some of the popular attractions are mentioned below.

1. Faro Municipal Museum – The Faro Municipal Museum was built in the 16th century and is located in Vila Adentro. This museum is regarded as one of the best examples of early Renaissance architecture in the Algarve. You will find Roman and Medieval archaeological findings and number of art collections in this museum.

2. Cathedral – Built on the site of a 13th century old church and a former Moorish mosque, Cathedral is situated in the ancient city of Faro. It was destroyed by the English in the 16th century and was rebuilt when the 18th century came to an end.

3. Carmo Church – Started by its founder Bishop Dom Antonio Pereira da Silva, the Carmo Church was started in 1713 and was officially opened six years later. It is a beautiful white church which is situated in Carmo Square.