Lakes of Cherokee Village, Arkansas

This Arkansas lake community, Cherokee Village is blessed with 7 beautiful Ozark mountain lakes within the 13,000 acre development. Each lake is owned and maintained by the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District (CVSID), which was set up by the original developer, Cooper Communities, to take care of the property owner amenities. All of our lakes are fully stocked with largemouth bass, crappie, catfish & bluegill. Enjoy fantastic, low pressured fishing any 1 of the 7 lakes in Cherokee Village, Arkansas.

Our Arkansas Lakes:

Thunderbird – This is the largest of the Cherokee Village, Arkansas lakes, at 264 acres. It’s about 75 feet deep at the dam, with an average depth of around 25 feet deep and over 7 miles of shoreline. There’s also a marina located on Thunderbird. Property owners (and their families and friends) can enjoy fishing, boating and water skiing on this pristine body of water. The lake is fully stocked with largemouth bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill. Thunderbird also has unique distinction that it shares with it’s sister lake, Sequoyah–they’re connected! That’s right, you can boat from one lake to the other.

Sequoyah – At just over 75 acres, it ranks as the 3rd largest lake in the village. It is approximately 55 feet deep at the dam and encompasses over 2.3 miles of shoreline. Owners can enjoy boating, outstanding fishing and a private beach on Sequoyah. And if you get in the mood to do some water skiing, just boat on over to Thunderbird!

Omaha – This is the 2nd largest lake in Cherokee Village, and it also has a marina. At 139 acres and about 40 feet deep at the dam, it has over 4.7 miles of scenic shoreline. The incredible fishing pairs nicely with the water skiing and boating that is offered on Omaha.

Chanute – This lake stands at 65 acres in size with over 2.2 miles of shoreline. Enjoy peaceful fishing at this lake out by the South Golf Course.

Navajo – At 25 feet deep and 64 acres, Navajo is just barely smaller than Lake Chanute, yet it offers the same great fishing with very little pressure.

Cherokee – 37 acres and almost 1.5 miles of shoreline await the angler on this 40 foot deep lake. Teeming with fish, you’ll be amazed at the lack of competition when you launch your boat.

Aztec – The smallest of all Cherokee Village, Arkansas lakes, Aztec is only 19 acres. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in peaceful fishing. Basically undeveloped, this is truly a natural state beauty.

Come see for yourself what sets Cherokee Village apart. Ownership does indeed have it’s privileges. These beautiful, PRIVATE LAKES, are just some of the many amenities that are afforded to property owners.