Lake Anna in Virginia

Vacationers and sportsmen all along the East Coast have discovered that Virginia is indeed “for lovers” – that is, for lovers of water sports, boating and fishing. The reason: Virginia is the home of Lake Anna, the second-largest freshwater lake in the state.

Lake Anna is located in Spotsylvania County – about a 90 minute drive south of Washington, D. C. The lake itself was created in 1971 by Virginia Electric Power Company, now called Dominion Resources. A large body of water was needed by the power company to provide cooling for a nuclear power plant it was building adjacent to the lake.

The lake is about 17 miles long, and it has roughly 200 miles of shoreline. The area surrounding the lake is wooded and rural, though many persons have bought lakefront and lake view lots. In 1983 Virginia’s Department of Conservation and Recreation opened Lake Anna State Park to ensure that in spite of private development around the lake the public would always have access to this great recreational area. The park has rental cabins, camping areas, and more than 14 miles of hiking trails. It also has a large tot-friendly sand beach, a boat launching ramp, and an ecology center.

Dominion Resources still owns the entire shoreline and enforces strict rules to ensure water quality. It does, however, grant “agricultural and recreational easements” to homeowners who live at the water’s edge. The lake is divided into the smaller “warm side” which is restricted, and the “cool side,” which is the main lake that is open to everyone.

Fishing is great. Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries monitors the fish population and ensures the lake is stocked with large mouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, black crappie, walleye, and white perch.

The lake is also excellent for boating – particularly pontoon boats and powerboats up to 18 ft. in length. Canoeing and kayaking are also popular, particularly on weekdays when there is less powerboat traffic.

Families can rent lakefront houses during the summer at rates that vary from $150 daily (for a 2-bedroom home) to $300 daily (for 4 or more bedrooms). Persons who wish to rent for a week at a time have priority for the most ideal vacation times, but shorter rental periods are also possible. To learn more about rentals, type “Lake Anna home rentals” in the search box on your web browser.