Keeping Road Trip Travel Costs Down

For people who are desperate to see Australia by road, that adventure is a possibility that is well within reach. So many people have the idea that car hire and gasoline costs are going to be prohibitively high, and so they simply give up on their dreams, but this should not be the case. What with Australia being such a vast country, and given the huge distances that separate the major towns and cities, travel can be somewhat expensive for most people, no matter how they decide to travel. Unfortunately, whether they travel by bus, car or plane, the costs are going to add up, no two ways about it. The big factor for so many travellers then, is where and when can they save money?

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to live cheaply while being on the road. What is important is knowing the factors that are behind the costs of living from day to day, costs that really add up over a period of time. There are many such factors involved, but three of the more crucial and obvious ones are these:

  • Fuel costs
  • Food expenses
  • Accommodation

Each of these factors contributes in a big way to the expenses incurred on a typical road trip through Australia. If travellers do not monitor and try to limit these expenses, they can add up and become a huge drain on one’s finances. However, the opposite is also true. If well managed, then the costs that these three factors represent can also be reduced significantly. Let us take a look at each of them in depth.

Fuel Costs

It is really surprising how much more mileage can be got out of a full tank of petrol, if only the car is running efficiently. One thing that so many travellers are unaware of is how much more fuel an inefficient car uses over longer journeys, yet surprisingly, this is incredibly obvious to anyone who just thinks of it beforehand.

Seemingly minor things can have a big impact, for example, making sure the car tyres are running at the optimum pressure. If they are short on air, the car will run less efficiently, effectively adding more fuel costs to the trip. Other things that can be done to ensure maximum efficiency are to check the water and the oil regularly. The importance of these ‘minor’ things should not be overlooked.

Another thing that motorists should be aware of is that driving on long, open highways uses a lot less fuel. This is because there is a lot less gear changing involved, and so consequently, less fuel is used. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid congested towns and cities whenever possible, as any cuts that can be made to fuel consumption equates to less money being spent!

Food Expenses

It is also possible to save a fortune on the cost of food. Food can be one of the biggest expenses that a road tripper faces, as everyone knows that road side truck stops and shops sell their meals at a huge mark up. By preparing things such as sandwiches and buying other provisions from a grocery store, travellers can save lots of money here. It is perfectly possible to cook meals and have dinner by the roadside while travelling through the outback. The weather is always fine and it is surprising what can be made with a few tins of food and a portable gas stove! Considering the huge accumulated costs of coffees, snacks and meals that would otherwise have to be paid for at exorbitant rates, making a small investment in things like these really is a wise investment.

Another great reason to try this approach is that there are many beautiful spots across the Australian countryside that are well worth stopping at for a bite to eat. Travellers can eat cheaply and relax in the unique nature that Australia has to offer.


Another great way that motorists can save money on their travels is buy avoiding expensive roadside motels and hotels. The cost of these places can be a huge drain on finances. A much better option for anyone who is on a tight budget is to consider buying a tent and camping. It’s free, so why not? There are many truck stops and small towns dotted around the outback where it is possible to grab a shower and do some laundry, so there is really no reason why more adventurous motorists should not camp out.

If people take time out to consider all of these factors, then seeing Australia by road can be a most enchanting experience. Hit the road with a bit of careful planning and preparation and that holiday of a lifetime doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.