Kampala City In the Sun

Kampala City has various attractions, many are historical, such as Kasubi tombs burial place for Kings of Buganda called Kabaka. Huge thatched house in form of a hut amazing in ancient architecture, could be compared with Egyptian pyramid.

Kabaka Palace is one of the most oldest kingdoms in Africa which has been established for many centuries.

Baha’i temple, one of the largest temple on map of Africa.

Uganda Museum has a lot to offer relating to all cultural history of Uganda.

Gaddafi’s Mosque is a magnificent mosque standing on Old Kampala hill were the first British administration took place with help of Captain Lugard.

Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral, Namugongo shrines are worth a visit.

Many unique modern shopping Malls have been set up such as Kasumba Square Mall, Garden City Mall, Nakumatt Oasis, Lugoogo Mall, Quality Mall, etc, located in very conducive atmosphere surrounded with good environment unlike Malls in down town Kampala which are affected by traffic, pollution and congestion.

Kampala City has more than 20 hills, located near Lake Victoria and has good natural environment. People are warm, friendly and calm. Drinking joints are in every corner.

Kampala has been commemorated for holding the common wealth meeting of 2007 the City is generally regarded as peaceful due to effective measures in place of terror alert in accordance to world procedures.

City has population of about 3 million during the day and 1.5 during the night 60% of Kampala dwellers live in slums where is high crime rate, poor sanitation and lack of drinking clean water. Most of the slum dwellers live in low lands during the rainy seasons are affected by floods, epidemic of cholera and other water borne diseases are high.