India Heritage Tours – Most Important Historical Places and Monuments to Visit India

India is a country of rich historical heritage with different customs and colorful cultures. India is famous all over the world for its majestic gallant beauty and many architectural religious and historical monuments. It has its exotic beaches, impressive natural landscape and unrivaled beauty of its wild life of plant and animals. There are temples and monument thousands of years old from different civilizations all over India

You can visit India and relish its great heritage tours with your family and children who will enjoy a lot. Find an India travel package for heritage tours to India and see the realities of history. It is very easy to book an India travel package to visit the exotic heritage spots. There are number tour operators who offer reliable, inexpensive and customized travel packages to many destinations for heritage tours in India. You can get their help to book flights and rooms in different hotels and resorts.

Every state in India is studded with a great deal of places to visit India on heritage tours.

India is doubtless a treasure trove of wide natural beauty with series of historical places to visit India. A couple of these destinations are chosen World Heritage Sites for favorite heritage tours:

Taj Mahal: One among the “Seven Wonders Of The World” this is an ideal white marble monument a symbol of love built by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1648. Located in Agra city this monumental wonder will leave you spell bound. The aisles of Taj Mahal and its surging waters greet you. The giant tomb structure and its four pillars present a spectacular view. You cannot exclude it in heritage tours.

Ajanta Ellora Caves -: These belong to 3rd century. The olden fort is a sign of ancient Indian art and culture of queens and kings. These caves are in Aurangabad and offer a stimulating view of Buddhist architecture. Many paintings of Buddha illustrate his different incarnations.These are must visit place heritage tours to India.

Golden Temple: It is an important sacred religious place for Sikhs. Situated in Amritsar, Punjab this religious place is a seamless amalgamation of remarkable natural beauty and inspiring serenity. The richly ornamented Hari Mandir adored with golden gilding inside and on its top is striking and is a kind of its own.

Khajuraho: This is located in Madhya Pradesh and named by UNESCO as ‘World Heritage Site’ is included in most heritage tours. It encompasses of a cluster of ancient old temples built around 950 AD. Its grand stone sculptures is a timeless beauty of Hindu gods and goddess particularly that of god Vishnu. Stone sculpture are admirable and worth seeing.

Konark Sun Temple: Also called as the Black Pagoda is devoted to Sun God and located in Orissa. This temple is constructed in shape of a chariot. It has twelve pairs of wheels and is pulled by seven horses engraved in stone. According to belief, this chariot is ridden by Sun God.

Qutub Minar: It is a beautiful architectural beauty of India in Delhi this tower is 238 feet tall made from stone carvings. The sight of this monument makes you baffled. The tower has five stories and each has a balcony.

Charminar: It was the gateway to the old city of Hyderabad in South India. It reveals the splendor of ancient Islamic rule in that region. The minar was built in 1591. It also encloses a Hindu temple. When you walk over the steps of this monument you get a glimpse of the remarkable beauty of the city of Hyderabad.

Beaches Of Goa: Goa is favorite place for heritage tours for its placid sapphire beach waters and countless sandy beaches. The ancient beautiful white churches covering vast acres of sprawling land also add to its supreme beauty.