How to Save Money Around the House – Top Money Saving Ideas on Cleaning

If you want to save money around the house, you don’t have to make huge changes to your life to make a difference. Just do a few things a little differently and you’ll soon see the savings adding up!

Here are our top tips on how to save money every month on cleaning:

  • To eliminate nasty smells, spray a piece of cotton wool with some left over perfume and put it in your vacuum cleaner bag or dust collector – it will leave a lovely scent around the house as you hoover. And make sure you change or empty the bag in your vacuum cleaner regularly, and also clean or change the filter and check for blockages. That way it will last longer and work more efficiently.
  • No need to throw out those horrible smelly trainers. Use cat litter to deodorise trainers and shoes.
  • A cheap cola can be used to clean and de-scale toilets. Tip it down the toilet and leave overnight.
  • Hair conditioner makes a great shoe polish.
  • Use banana skins to polish silver.
  • Put crushed egg shells down the plug hole in your sink from time to time. Their sharp edges help remove debris. Make sure you crush them down well though and rinse through properly.
  • Clean a microwave with just lemon and water. Put half a lemon in a small bowl of water into the microwave and ‘cook’ on full power for 5 minutes. The steam loosens the dirt so you can wipe it off easily, leaving a nice lemony smell as a bonus.
  • Cheap baby wipes make good disposable cleaning wipes for the toilet seat and around. Don’t throw them in the toilet afterwards in case they block it up.
  • A great tip on how to save money every month is to use own brand nappy sacks are a cheap alternative to dog poo bags.
  • Don’t throw away old towels. Cut them up and use them as dusters or cloths for cleaning your windows.
  • And talking of dogs – to get rid unwanted household smells, rub a little essential oil on lightbulbs to scent your room. Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on carpets, leave for half an hour and hoover.
  • Soak brass in brown sauce overnight for sparkling cleaning.
  • Use toothpaste to remove ink stains from wooden surfaces.
  • To clean shower doors use T CUT (Car polish) but use it sparingly.
  • Don’t use expensive descalers for kettles, flasks, teapots etc. Half fill your kettle with vinegar, bring to the boil and leave to stand until the scale has disappeared. Rinse out, boil up fresh water and discard.
  • To clean flasks and teapots – place the item in the sink, fill it with boiling water and add bicarbonate of soda. (It will fizz over, so be careful.) Top up with boiling water and leave to stand overnight. Discard the contents and rinse out with clean water

If you follow these easy money saving ideas you’ll soon see the difference in your pocket!