Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon planning ranks high along side of wedding planning. Both of these will take time patience and compromise. Since planning a wedding can be so very overwhelming for a bride to be, the groom traditionally handles the honeymoon planning. Honeymoon planning should begin soon after the engagement. The bride and groom should sit down and talk about their likes and dislikes when considering honeymoon planning. Unless of course, the bride chooses to be agreeable with the grooms honeymoon-planning while she plans their wedding. Each couple is different; therefore, their choices of wedding and honeymoon planning will all vary in circumstances.

You will need to choose a honeymoon destination. There are so many interesting places and things to do while on a honeymoon, depending on its agenda. You will need to decide if you will plan the honeymoon trip on your own, or if you will consult with a travel agent and their services. Keep in mind that a travel agent will be well versed in handling any travel accommodations or hotel reservations, as well as car rental arrangements and helpful advice concerning vaccinations, foreign currency exchange rates, local customs of any location you would like to visit and other important issues in relation to traveling. You should also ask your travel agent about any less expensive travel packages while planning your honeymoon getaway.

Anytime you plan to travel aboard, you will need to inquire about passports and visas. You should always carry prove of citizenship when traveling abroad, such as a copy of a birth certificate or any other necessary documents. You should also carry with you your photo identification.

When planning your honeymoon, you should keep in mind to make any travel arrangements using current identification. For instance, unless you carry your marriage license with you, you should not register the bride by her new married name, but rather by her current name to reduce any chance of mix-ups or misfortunes in booking or checking in, with photo identification as the only proof.

When you are traveling away for your honeymoon, you should leave a copy of your travel schedule with a family member or friend, who will be able to locate you if necessary. Be sure to include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any place you may be staying while on your honeymoon. You should also make a copy of your driver’s license, passports or visas when traveling abroad. In addition, make a list of all the credit cards and any traveler’s checks you may take with you, in case of theft, this information is readily available.

Taping your name and telephone number inside your luggage will help the airline locate you if your luggage tags and luggage become lost during transport. On the other hand, you can always leave this identifying information addressed to a family member or friend, perhaps even your office, if you feel this is safe. Just a little trick will aid the airline in helping to locate and return your luggage.

Whether you choose to travel thousands of miles from home or simply getting away for the weekend for your honeymoon, taking the time for honeymoon planning should begin early. Honeymoon planning early will assure you that you will be able to have just the right destination for celebrating your new live together as a couple.