Ghost Town in The Sky – A Unique Attraction in Maggie Valley

One of the most popular Maggie Valley attractions to visit is the Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park. This is a unique amusement park in Maggie Valley that features all sorts of impressive rides and attractions. It is also a unique attraction in that when getting to and from the park visitors will be able to experience many of the most beautiful sights of the area.

Ghost Town in the Sky has been in operation since 1961. This park was formed as a unique Wild West-themed park that is home to all sorts of impressive Wild West attractions and activities. Over the years the park has been renovated heavily since it was closed between 2002 and 2006. Since it reopened in 2007 the park has become one of the top attractions in western North Carolina.

One thing that makes this different from other amusement parks or other Maggie Valley attractions is that to get to the park visitors will need to go through a chair lift. A chair lift is used to get visitors from the entrance and parking area of the park to the actual park. This goes from the 3,000-foot elevation at the parking area to the 4,500-foot elevation level of the park itself. While traveling up and down on the chair lift visitors will be able to see all sorts of unique sights of the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Many different rides are featured here. The Cliff Hanger is the most popular ride at the park. Formerly known as the Red Devil, this roller coaster features a large loop and various high-speed valleys. Other rides to check out include the Undertaker scrambler ride, the Dream Catcher swing ride, the Geronimo Drop Tower and the Gunslinger swing ride. Various rides for kids are available too including the Tumble Weed roller coaster and a carousel dating back to 1929.

Many different attractions are available at the park too. Gunfight and bank robbery shows are featured as well as authentic western buildings including saloons, a jail and church among other features. Various authentic Cherokee Indian music and dance shows are featured here too. Also, every Sunday is Gospel Sunday where various nationally-renowned gospel groups perform for free to visitors.

The park is open on weekends in May and from September to November and is open every day from June to August. Season passes are available for visitors and discounts are available for active military members too.