Fourth of July at Joe Pool Lake, Texas

For a number of years the city of Grand Prairie, TX has been putting on a wonderful Fourth of July fireworks show at Joe Pool Lake. The tradition is enjoyed by a lot of people, judging by the crowds it attracts year after year. There are a number of things you can plan to do in order to make your experience seeing the fireworks a memorable and relaxing experience.

Arrive Early

Lynn Creek Park is the designated park for watching the fireworks show. The pyrotechnics are shot off of the shoreline of the park. Your best bet for finding a nice spot is to arrive early. Bring a picnic with you, and some chairs and/or a blanket. Once you arrive, you may be able to claim a picnic table but if not stake out a place to put your chairs. Since it is a special event, Grand Prairie charges a bit more for entry to get into the park that day. It is $15 per vehicle. This can include 6 people. If there are more, each additional person costs $2 more.

Camping at other Parks

There is no camping in Lynn Creek Park but there are in Cedar Hill State Park and Loyd Park. You could camp out and watch the fireworks from these other places. The crowds will not be as big and you will not need to go anywhere when they are over. You won’t get quite the great view you will get from Lynn Creek Park. But if you don’t want to sit in traffic once the fireworks are over, this might be a nice option for you. Just be sure to make your camping reservations well in advance of the fourth.

Plus there is more…

Cedar Hill State Park generally hosts an independence celebration within the park. The events they have may include music, readings, and history talks. Their Fourth of July celebration aims to be a family friendly event so it is great place to bring the kids.

All three of the Joe Pool Lake parks have a lot of great amenities and things to do. You can hike, bike, swim, fish and enjoy water sports (boating, jet skiing and kayaking). There are also many natural or semi-natural areas which play host to a great variety of plants and animals. The lake parks are visited by many birdwatchers since there is very little of some of the special shoreline habitats you can find here.

One don’t that you need to be aware of. Alcohol is not allowed in the state park and Lynn Creek Park does not allow glass containers. Be careful, be considerate and be sure you have a designated driver if you do plan on having a few drinks as part of your Fourth of July celebration. Enjoy Joe Pool Lake!