Family Guy – The Journey Episode

Peter Griffin and three of his friends go to the local bar at Karaoke night. To Peter’s surprise, the bar is in a relatively lackluster mood. To get things going a little, Peter decides to perform Journey’s most famous song, “Don’t Stop Believing.” His friends were hesitant at first to join in, but after a few lines, everyone was enjoying themselves.
People begin crowding into the bar from the streets to see the performance. The crowd quickly gets out their lighters and begin to sway back and forth together in harmony. At the end of the performance, Peter and the rest of his friends were thrilled that they had attracted such a crowd and that they were so pleased with their music, so he and his friends vow to create a rock band.

This episode is one of the Family Guy all time classics for a couple of reasons:

1. Almost everyone likes the band Journey. Their music truly “hits home” to the average, blue collar, working American struggling to get by. Even those who do not like Journey are at least familiar with the band and their songs.

2. This follows Family Guy’s formula. Make fun of millions of people [Journey lovers, and those who sing karaoke at bars], and make subtly funny lyrics and gestures along the way.

The Family Guy Journey episode was definitely a must watch for all of the fans of the show. It will be forever remembered as one of the best single animated t.v. shows of all time.