Expense Report Approval

An expense report is the statement listing all the travel expenses of an employee owing to a business visit or pleasure visit. The employee has to fill up the standard expense report of his employer either online or manually and submit it to the authorized Approval Department within a specified time period for claiming reimbursement. The employee has to furnish the signature of the authorized person who has approved his visit. He/she needs to submit all the vouchers and bills of his expenses during his travel like air/train fare, hotel accommodations, transportation expenses, food expenditures and others. It is the responsibility of the employee to obtain the prior approval for his visit from the appropriate authority. The appropriate authority differs from organization to organization, and it will be decided by organization’s structure. The approval authority may sometimes be the immediate boss or departmental budget officer.

Once the employee gets the approval from the concerned authority, the company may give some advance amount for meeting substantially higher expenses like travel-fare, or provide an advance for hotel accommodations, etc. However, the employee should not use the advance amount given for travel fare for lodging, conference fee or for other expenses. He/she should the specified advance for the respective purpose only. The request for an advance beyond a certain limit specified by the organization should be approved by the head of the branch, like a Vice-President. During his travel, the employee should not forget to collect bills for his expenses, however small they may be. He/she has to submit all the bills along with his expense report form to his employer.

After filling up the expense report, the employee has to forward the form to his immediate approval authority. The approval authority will review the details of all the expenses furnished by the employee for reimbursement. He or she will verify the signatures of the traveler and the travel approval authority. Once every item mentioned in the report is set forth as per the organization’s guidelines, the approval authority signs the report along with all the necessary documentation and forwards it to the finance department, giving the green signal for the grant of funds for reimbursement.