Evony Farming Level 9 and 10 Valleys for Medals – Justice and Nation

Okay, since the first Super Server Merge, Evony drop rates of Medals have all been screwed to hell. Medals are not only needed to promote to a higher rank, but also to hire captured heroes.

  • To get started, you wil need about 30k Archers per Valley that you plan to farm, and you should farm at least 4 Valleys at a time, so a spare 120k Archers will do. You will also need a few thousand Warriors, a couple Pikeman and Swordsman, and up to 20k Cavalry if you decide to farm the Valleys that have Archers in them.
  • You will also want to make sure your Feasting Hall is FULL while Medal Farming, because if you capture a Hero your chances of getting a Medal greatly fall.
  • You will want to attack every Valley twice, consecutively, even if you get a medal. Valleys are known to reward Medals one after the other, but never more than 2 medals in 6 hours – so if you get 2 medals from a Valley, you can stop hitting that Valley until 6 hours has passed. If you hit a Valley twice and dont get a medal, wait 1 hour for the Valley troops to Replenish then try again.
  • Always send 250-500 warriors with your attacks on a Valley for Prestige – Archers cost too much to send extra, so stick to Warriors.

Start out by scouting all the Level 10 Valleys that you want to Farm for Medals, I wouldn’t go out much farther than 15 miles unless you have to. Depending on what type of troops are in the Valley, you will Farm with a certain type of your own troops to take minimal losses from the Valley. You will want to look for Valleys of this sort. Any combination of the following:

  • Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen
  • Archers Only
  • Cavalry with up to 3 other Troop Types, excluding Archers (Archers and Cavalry give too many losses to Farm)

Depending on what Troops the Valley holds, you should attack with the following:

Valley Troops – Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen Attack to Send – 25k Archers

Valley Troops – Archers Only Attack to Send – Equal Cavalry (Same as Archers)

Valley Troops – Cavalry Only Attack to Send – 15k Archers, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 1 Ballista

Valley Troops – Cavalry with 2 other Troops Attack to Send – 30k Archers, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 1 Ballista

Valley Troops – Cavalry with 3 other Troops Attack to Send – 30k Archers, 3k Warriors, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 100 Ballista

(Note: Justice and Nation Medals CAN be obtained from Level 9 Velleys as well) – July 12th 2011)

Where to find your medals (This may not be 100% accurate)

Cross: Everywhere – mainly grasslands

Rose: Level 10 Flats mainly

Lion: Level 10 Hills Honor: Level 10 Forests

Freedom: Unsure

Wisdom: Unsure

Courage: Everywhere

Nation: Level 10 Hills

Justice: Level 10 Swamps and Deserts