Endangered Places: 30 Stunning Sites in Dire Need of Salvation

On a regular basis, the World Monuments Fund—an NGO dedicated to the preservation of historic architecture and the cultural heritage sites—publishes an alarming survey of endangered places. And with the visible effects of climate change, the eligible locales seems to be growing at a significant rate. This list “spotlights 25 heritage sites of extraordinary significance, facing pressing challenges, and where World Monuments Fund’s partnership with local communities has the potential to make a meaningful difference,” explains the webpage. The latest iteration includes everything from temples to entire islands, all of which face varying threats such as those from mass tourism, global warming, or simple neglect. These hazards not only endanger historical knowledge but also the habitats of thousands of species of animals and plants. Below, AD surveys 30 destinations that are in dire need of salvation—some are included on the World Monuments Fund list while others have long been the focus of scientists, archeologist, and preservation activists.