Discover the Artistic Heart of Spain on a School Trip

The school trip is an increasingly popular addition to the national curriculum and when the benefits are considered it is easy to appreciate why. From an educational perspective, the school trip provides the opportunity for a different style of learning. Subjects, ideas and theories are put into context, visualised and become easier to relate to. Students have the chance to question preconceptions and develop their understanding of subjects.

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Discover the Artistic Heritage of Southern Spain

Andalucía is one of Spain’s most delightful regions. Full of history, culture and stunning scenery Andalucía is an interesting destination, and one that makes for a fulfilling and memorable school trip. From the snow-capped mountains to the beautiful beaches, from the whitewashed villages to the colourful flamenco, Andalucía is a special and much treasured region.

For art students, this part of Spain has some wonderful study opportunities. Andalucía has a strong connection to the arts and from the time of Picasso right up to the modern day the art scene in the area has thrived; the Centre of Contemporary Art in Malaga holds twenty-four exhibitions annually and is a world famous modern art centre. Picasso was born in Malaga and there is a museum dedicated to him. It houses many of his drawings, paintings and other works and is an evocative place to visit. Take your students to the house where Picasso was born and learn more about the artist’s life, works and influences.

Andalucía also has a photography centre where students can browse the extensive range of famous photographs, many of which have been used in publications throughout the world. The photography can be examined in detail and the changes in style amongst famous photographers considered. Seville is home to the Isabel Ignacio gallery, and the surrealist La Caja China gallery, which both make an interesting addition to any art focused trip.

Andalucía has many wonderful museums and galleries to visit but it also boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in the country. The strong Islamic influence has left a firm thumbprint in many of the cities of Andalucía. The Mesquite Mosque in Cordoba, with its stunning arches and intricate decoration is now a cathedral and is symbolic of the religious battles that went on between the different occupiers of the area. The fortress of Al Hambra in Seville is another fine example of Moorish architecture. Students can also climb the Giralda Tower, one of the most important monuments in Seville, once an elegant minaret, now converted to a bell tower and a dedicated World Heritage Site.

A school trip to Andalucía will be fulfilling both academically and culturally. With delicious Spanish cuisine, colourful street life and wonderful museums to visit, southern Spain is an exciting destination for school groups.