Discount Flights From Dublin to Moscow – Why You Need to Research the Carriers

The Dublin-Moscow route is served by most of the prominent carriers. These include Air France, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Siberia, Scandinavian and Air Europa among others. This is a busy route that has over 70 flights every week and there is therefore quite some competition for passengers among the carriers. This competition makes it possible for passengers to easily get discounted flights.

There is only one direct flight per day for this route. This flight is offered by Siberia and it takes slightly over four hours. Most of the other flights involve several stops and connections. There are many one-stop flights and the favorite connection city is London. The shortest connecting flight from Dublin to Moscow takes close to 24 hours. The carrier with the most one-stop flights on this route is Air France.

The fare you pay is also determined by your arrival port. The cheapest price you could pay for a flight from Dublin to Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, is about EUR 126. If your arrival airport is Domodedovo, Moscow, you can expect a discount price of about EUR 100 from Swiss International Airlines. Other carriers have varying prices and that is why it is important to search all carriers thoroughly.

The easiest way to get discount flights from Dublin to Moscow is to book well in advance. The savings from advance bookings are very substantial sometimes especially if you book more than a fortnight before your travel date. If your schedule allows it, visit Moscow in the off season when the fares also fall dramatically. Russian winter tends to be rather severe and this season has the lowest number of visitors. If the winter will not interrupt your program (you could be going there for business not sight-seeing), traveling around this time could save you a tidy amount of money. You will certainly save money on your trip with their top flight + hotel package deals.

When you conduct a search, the best service provider should give various options such as the flights available based on price, flight schedules, number of stops, and comprehensive destination details. At Travelocity, you will find searching for discount flights from Dublin to Moscow a fulfilling experience. You will receive many options regarding the flights, flight schedules, stopovers and details of hotels and any relevant information about Moscow.

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