Cheap Travel – 2 Weeks Condo Getaway in Any European Destination For Less Than $320?

Here we are again! If you browse between all my articles you will probably find hundreds of interesting deals, but I thought it was a good idea to put all this together in a way that you can see your perfect holidays to Europe, either if you come from outside Europe or not.

The proposal is the flights and a stay in Europe of 14 nights. You can of course make it for more or less nights depending on your preferences. To gain the maximum advantage the number of days should be a multiple of 7, but for an additional price you could get it for any number of days.

Coming back to the example of the 14 nights, the idea is to spend 7 of them in one city, and 7 more in another. The choice of the countries is entirely yours for nearly all European destinations, but you should look at the full information to make sure.

Well, the idea, and you will find all the details and conditions in the links below, is to manage to count your flights to Europe or within Europe in order to get your accommodation nearly for free. And there is a place where you can do so!

If you come from abroad, the choices will be the best from the United States, and in some occasions from Canada. Why? Because you will have access to the bidding flight networks of SkyAuction and Hotwire, which are included in the program to count towards your hotel.

If you come from Europe itself, make sure you use Austrian Air, even if the trip is somehow more expensive than with a low cost carrier. The difference will be positive in the end, as they are also in the program.

Probably the most difficult place is if you are based in the rest of places in the world. If you find a good connection from your place with Austrian Airlines that would be the best. If not, don’t worry, choose your best flights (in my articles you will find all the information you need to know how to do that) and then you will always be able to get your discounted hotel by purchasing online any item that you need.

In any case, focusing back on the example, once you have found your high-discounted fare with one of those bidding places or with Austrian Airlines, if your total cost of the flight has been higher than $200 (and that includes all the members that come together with you, you will book all them personally) then you get automatically the prize of 7 nights at a condominium 4-stars in Deluxe quality for up to 4 persons.

You will pay only taxes and some service and redemption fees. The whole amount will total exactly $140.5 for one person for the whole stay.

Provided that you are going to stay two weeks as planned, a good strategy will apply if you are traveling with your loved ones. Divide the purchase of the plane tickets in two months. One month you book your ticket, the next month you book the one for your partner, or any other possible combination, making sure that the amount of the both months is at least of $200. That way, you will be given two prizes so you will be able to spend 7 nights more for 140$ again. Total? $320 for 14 nights at luxurious accommodation. No words. If you have children and you want to stay longer, this could be done for up to 4 weeks, purchasing one ticket every month.

The trade-off? They don’t let you put together the 14 nights in a same place. In any case, 14 nights at a European destination would be too much, don’t you think so? Better take a break and fly to any different country and stay 7 nights more there. Remember, you can use Austrian Airlines to move around Europe and redeem for hotel certificates again! In that way, you could make the offer be valid as many times as you use the airlines to gain another stay in the destination country!

So, after this long explanations, it is time to tell you where you can get this great discounts, isn’t it?