Booking a Spring Alaskan Cruise Deal

During the wintertime when the snow is piled up around your door and the roads are thick with ice, you may not be thinking of booking an Alaskan cruise. After all, enough cold winter temperatures are enough. You’ll find, however, that if you’ve ever considered taking a cruise to Alaska, now is the right time to book it. You will find much better rates if you book now for a May trip than you can get later on or for cruises during the summer months. If you never thought a fantastic vacation like this was in your future, take a look at some of the discount cruise websites, and you’ll find Alaskan cruise deals that will make your fantasy a reality.

You can plan to take a fabulous May excursion on the Norwegian Star. A 7-day cruise starts for as little as $449 per person in a two-passenger occupancy inside cabin. What this means is that you will not have a view of the ocean from your cabin as you would in any of the other rooms. If you’d prefer a room with a porthole and a view of the ocean, you can select an ocean view cabin for $499. Of course, there are a lot of more expensive options such as a romance suite, a penthouse, or a garden villa. The higher up the scale you go, and the more space you want, of course, the more your accommodations will cost.

On a Norwegian Star cruise ship, you will find nine dining options that are included in your ticket price where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You might decide to have pizza for lunch and elegant Oriental cuisine for dinner. Other choices include a steakhouse, a French bistro, Italian cuisine, and fine dining. Of course, you’ll have to keep in mind that some of the specialty dining options are subject to cover charges of between $10 and $30 per person. No matter what, the food you will get onboard the ship will be outstanding.

By going to the Norwegian Cruises website, you will find customer reviews that tell you what people who have taken the cruises really thought of the experience. You’ll have to read through them to see if you are interested in the trip they are describing. Be sure and book early, however, because you want the best Alaskan cruise deals available.