Book Review: The Journey From Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial by Jeremy Kho

f you are looking to learn how to achieve financial independence, Jeremy Kho has prepared a book just for you. “The Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial” will teach you the basics regarding how you should manage your finances and make you curious to learn more. However, the book is not limited to this topic, it can also just help motivate you to overcome your general state of procrastination.

Don’t be scared that the information presented will be too technical for you, it is far from that. With a friendly tone, Jeremy Kho takes you on a journey of self-discovery. He uses a lot of colorful examples to make the economics part more accessible. There are plenty of stories with realistic characters throughout the book containing noteworthy morals. You might even recognize yourself in one or more of these.

As stated by the title, “The Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial”, the goal is to help you evolve from a procrastinator to an invested person. While millennials are the target audience, this is not the only generation that might find use in the book. So, don’t let this be an impediment in reading it. However, the tendency of millennials to engage in financial procrastination is investigated more in depth. The author identifies three major reasons: fear of unknown, difficulty in understanding, and the tendency of avoiding. With his help, you will be able to better understand each one of these reasons and learn how to overcome them. Financial procrastination has a snowball effect, the longer you postpone taking direct action, the bigger impact it will have on your future.

The goal is identified as becoming an invested millennial. By examining the specific traits of this generation, an ideal representative is outlined, especially from a financial point of view. There are four traits on which Jeremy Kho focuses on: having clear goals in life, value and invest in oneself, attaining financial freedom, contributing to society. Each of these will be presented in detail, and made achievable for those who have not attained them yet.

As previously mentioned, the target audience is aimed at the millennials, the book presents a personalized analysis regarding personal finance management of this generation. However, the fact is that anyone can benefit on so many different levels from reading it, regardless of the generation they belong to. “The Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial” is not one to be made alone, the people around you play a crucial role. However, it is only up to you to start this journey and choose your companions along the way.