Barossa Valley Arts and Galleries

The number of art galleries around Barossa Valley could convey that the people of the region value arts as much as they value the tradition of winery and food. The works displayed in galleries represent the history, tradition and culture of Barossa Valley. One can assert that nationalism is the usual concept of arts.

Barossa Regional Gallery in Basedow Road is the most established gallery in the region.. Apart from memorial gallery of Tanunda soldiers and Hill & Son Grand Organ, the building also houses the historic and contemporary paintings, arts and sculptures of local artists. It proudly displays the exceptional collections of art produced every biennial celebration of Barossa Valley Vintage Festival. The festival hosts art competitions inviting native artists to create entries themed on Barrosa valley attractions such as landscape paintings. The winning entries that are displayed include the works of David Dallwitz, Rod Schubert, Pamela Kowenhaven, Ronald Bell, Inmants Tillers, Kathleen Pettyarre, Alfred Engel, and Dianne Longley. Aside from paper paintings, the area also displays the finest gallery of wall hanging. The “The Barossa Wall Hanging” perfectly hangs in its wall. The wall hanging is well-known for it was completed for four years by thirty women of Barossa.

Aspiring artists are one of the few people who are behind the success of contemporary arts in Barossa Valley. They established their own galleries to further publicise the magnificence of the region through arts and crafts. In Tanunda, one will find Mc Crae Gallery. The gallery was built in 1991 to provide a home to the masterpieces of Darren Mc Crae. The artist is well-known for its unique impressionist arts featuring landscape, region’s fauna and flora and national sports as shown in his contemporary sculpture and abstract painting. Another gallery can be found in the town of Lyndoch named as Spinifex Art and Crafts. It provides a wide range of regionally produced arts and crafts. It features works that include embroidery, paintings, ceramics and quilts.. Nearby, one will find Peter Franz Fine Art Gallery. Peter Franz, a famous photographer, gave birth to Peter Franz Fine Art Gallery in 2008. The 90-square-meter gallery stores the photographs of the founder and the arts made by the residents. The featured arts are paintings, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, artful textile, glassworks, and jewelry. The gallery also hosts events featuring arts of local artists.

Locals of Barossa Valley merge food and art as portrayed in some restaurants. Tanunda’s Old Mill Gallery is a gallery at the same time a restaurant. It’s an excellent place to visit if one craves for food at the same time desires to commune with Barrosa Valley attractions through paintings, drawings and crafts. The place displays the paintings, drawings, and crafts of locals and visiting artists. The works of arts are perfectly framed. Crafts exhibited are designed from Barossa native materials such wood wares that are crafted from old wine barrels. The displayed arts and crafts are available for purchase. Other restaurants also feature the works of famous artists such as Rod Schubert is being featured in Peter Lehman Wines Cellar Doors. In Gomersal Wines, one will find the art of George Aldridge.

Arts of the region try to publicise Barossa Valley attraction, tradition and culture. The arts are not just letting visitors appreciate their Barossa Valley accommodation in a present day environment but letting themo experience the old Barossa Valley through displayed arts.