Are You Making This Valley-Girl Voice Mistake?

Attention -all women who use their voice while selling!

Yes -that’s means you and you don’t have to be an opera singer either cupcake.

Recently a client called me and said “Kim, my customers aren’t taking me seriously on the phone or in person.” My eyebrows went up. Then she said “I’ve reviewed everything… my sales materials, my eye contact, handshake…I’m so frustrated as I know I am MISSING SOMETHING!”

As I listened to the 2 minute voice mail I knew EXACTLY what was tripping her up. So I called her and said…

“Are you ready to hear the little mistake that is costing you BIG?”

She was all ears of course.

I said… “Every statement you’re making is followed with a QUESTION MARK.

You sound as if you’re auditioning for a Valley Girl movie.”

Are You Making This Simple But Annoying Mistake?

For some reason so many women struggle with this habit.

They are making solid statements at sales presentations, in meetings, at networking functions…and yet they end EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE with their voice “going higher….and it sounds as if they are continually asking a question????”

Like totally??

Hey Valley Girl?????  Your Customer Thinks You Lack Credibility

Do you want to know if you’re selling like a Valley Girl?

o    Record yourself.  

o    Check your voice mail.  

o    Ask people to listen to you.  

You’ll probably discover you’re coming across as someone who:

o    Is Insecure

o    Feels Needy

o    Sounds Wishy-washy

o    Has no idea what the hell she’s talking about

Hint.  Customers don’t buy from those people.

So What DO You Do Oh-Questioning-One?

Unless you’re asking a question -drop your voice at the end of the sentence. Not a breathy whisper aka Marilyn Monroe but drop your voice a little deeper at the end of your statement.  End it with punch.

At first you’ll feel like a total moron.  You’ll get over it.