A Wilderness Journey From Egypt to Canaan by Israel Kim

In his book “Find Your Promised Land” Israel Kim recounts incidents from his own experience and ministry and allow the reader to identify with glimpses into Kim’s personal wilderness journey and to learn from the lessons he personally gained through the process.

Kim skillfully leads the reader in an exploration of wonderful revelations and instruction from the history of Israel in their exodus from Egypt, through the Red Sea experience and all the way through their wilderness journey.

Kim contends that every Christian needs to go through a wilderness experience which results in surrender to the way of holiness, to receive a spiritual anointing, and to operate within the supernatural power of God.

Kim talks about living beyond the ordinary expecting to see signs and wonders, developing a spiritual journey that leads to a personal intimate relationship with God, while enjoying a life filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Find Your Promised Land” is Biblically sound and filled with practical wisdom. Kim challenges the reader to rise above a “slave mentality,” to begin a brand new identity, and to defeat adversity to become a person of character.

In the feature “Points to Ponder” Kim asks soul searching questions which lead the reader to finding freedom under the “hedge” of God’s protection, healing, and deliverance.

Kim’s writing is strong, openly transparent, anointed, and inspired. “Finding Your Promised Land” will make it possible you to embrace your wilderness journey and to move forward triumphantly into your promised land.