A Brief on the Dynamism of the Travel Industry

Travel is becoming a popular field these days as the industry is on a rise. Becoming a travel agent is not a cat walk; one does need an associate degree in the relevant field to become successful agent and to get a decent job. The travel industry is facing a stiff competition as more and more people are getting computer literate and booking tickets and travel packages by themselves. Small and individual travel agency are getting swept off gradually as the volumes have decreased and the margins have shrunk. The big traders in the industry are finding it difficult to survive in this competitive industry.

However, there is a large section of people who don’t like to take the headache of booking and don’t mind spending a few extra hundred dollars to get a bespoke travel package. This work is done by the travel agent and in return the agent can save money on commission and also get payment for its service. To become successful travel operator, communication skills have to be good as the agent needs to communicate with other clients to make hotel reservations, cruise bookings, etc. There are situations when you make bookings to people with different vernacular accent, hence its very important that you specify your passenger’s dates of travel, stay and other necessary details clearly and specifically.

Travel agents job can be very exciting as one gets to meet and communicate with people from different regions and culture. The agent has to understand the requirements of the passenger regarding food preferences and the kind of travel he/ she is looking at. The travel agents also set the travel itinerary, car rentals, accommodation etc. For overseas travelers the travel agents also take care of passport /visa formalities, money exchange and other necessary details.

The travel industry is very dynamic hence the agent has to be prompt and quick learner, and sometimes also need to visit particular destinations to provide personal and accurate recommendations.

To get good clients and group bookings the travel agent has to build tie ups with big companies and corporate houses. They also need to make presentations and participate in travel exhibitions and trade shows to advertise their services. Promotion and advertisement is an important part of this trade to get more and more clients. Career as a travel agent can be very exciting, and with convenience of internet and telecommunication you can do business from home.